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Triangle Technology's Certified Service Provider Program (CSP) is designed to allow companies to focus on their key competency of developing and selling technology while also maximizing the efficiency and profitability of the post sales process. Triangle Technology, through our CSP Program, will provide you access to expert consultants trained and certified to your standards to perform various professional services such as implementations and integrations.

Who needs a Certified Service Provider Program?
Companies positioning for investment or IPO.
Companies that have a demand for specialized skill sets.
Companies that are having difficulty matching consultants with appropriate tasks.
Companies that have the potential to grow rapidly

Each of these potential scenarios could be addressed by one or more of the key values that result from implementing a CSP program. Triangle Technology’s CSP program allows you to be in control. You will be able to mitigate risk and overhead, while maximizing your margins and service. This program allows for the optimization of productivity of key personnel. You will have the ability to adjust resources to demand, apply appropriate level of expertise for faster and smoother implementations. Triangle Technology’s CSP provides access to these specialized skills without having to pay to maintain a payroll of people to cover every contingency.

Contact us to find out how Triangle's Certified Service Provider program can help your company align its business needs with information systems solutions.