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Drive Down Vendor Costs while Improving Performance

IT organizations spend upwards of 60% of their budgets on outside vendors. Do you have the visibility and control required to make the right vendor decisions and maximize vendor value?

Today, IT organizations recognize the impact that vendor management has on corporate strategy and the bottom line. Many have responded by creating a vendor management office (VMO) within their IT organizations dedicated to vendor management processes and policies. Triangle Technology has developed a vendor management solution specifically tailored to IT that helps progressive organizations proactively manage vendors to extract the greatest value while reducing vendor spending. Industry analysis shows that a 5-25% cost savings can be realized by implementing a vendor management solution.

Benefits of a VMO
Our program can be formed to provide a consistent and clear process to engage with vendors and can help you do business with your vendors more efficiently and effectively. Our service will augment your vendor data, eliminate redundant vendors and analyze your expenditures. With Triangle’s VMO you now have control over price, you have one method of communication and you have greater visibility of activity.

As your strategic partner, Triangle will coordinate a vendor management program designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, improve quality, and reduce cost. Our consistent results are driven by several key advantages, including:
Expertise to leverage the right mix of suppliers for your required skill sets and work environment
Detailed reporting of current contract labor usage, providing the ability to plan for future demand
Process re-engineering and automation to reduce administrative involvement for your company

Triangle Technology’s VMO attracts high-quality vendors that welcome participating in a vendor-neutral marketplace since they gain substantial benefits when they compete on a level playing field — reduced sales expenses, lower bidding costs, faster payment with far fewer disputes, and increased revenue through receiving all requisitions.

As your Vendor Manager, Triangle Technology will coordinate a vendor management program designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, improve quality, and immediately impact the bottom line.

Contact us to find out how Triangle's Vendor Management program can help your company align its business needs with information systems solutions.